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 "Ceaselessly writing, recording and performing new music, Justin continues to push the boundaries of what modern country is and is becoming. His lyrics and melodies stay with you long after the lights go out. A native of the eastern shore, we're proud to watch his start rise as he continues to wow audiences and bring the ruckus."

 "Justin Singleton’s country, funk, soul, rock and bluegrass originals and hot takes on covers have been flooring audiences far and wide."


 Justin Singleton is an up and coming singer/songwriter, and

native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

 Highly influencing his sound by artists such as Tyler Childers,

Chris Stapleton, and Lynyrd Skynyrd,

Justin is known for his unique covers and array of original songs such as "Scarecrow", "No Doubt", "California Cougar", "Brewless",

"Bourbon Flavored Kisses" and "Roadkill Love".

Having been given the opportunity of being scheduled to open for the "Marshall Tucker Band" at the end of May '23 in Crownsville, MD,  
Justin has had the honor of performing several 

SOLD-OUT shows with many other artists including...

"Nicholas Jamerson" in Washington D.C.,
"The Chesapeake Sons" in Stevensville, MD, and
"Jimi Haha (from "Jimmie's Chicken Shack
") in Church Hill, MD.
While also supporting such acts as

Nashville's own "CJ Solar" in Fredrick, MD,

and Boston-based band "Mile Twelve" in Washington D.C.

 Although can be found performing solo up and down the Delmarva area, Justin is known to regularly host shows, festivals,

and rock-out county fairs alongside his backing band

"The Shorebillies"

Having performed in many other states such as 
Texas and Kentucky, Justin's strives to spread

his sound across the nation.

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Justin Singleton
& The Shorebillies -

"No Doubt"


Justin Bryan Singleton

was born on December 24th, 1996 alongside his twin sister Jenna,

and were raised in the rural corn fields of Kent County, Maryland.

  Inspired by "A lack of any activities in the area",

and a life-long passion for music, Justin's father gifted him his first electric guitar at the age of eight-years-old.

With once having had both biologic parents involved in the radio industry at a young age, Justin was exposed to all sorts of music throughout his upbringing. Finding hard rock and heavy metal bands to be his main source of inspiration.

 Though by the time he turned fifteen during his freshman year of high school, he began to reconnect with the southern rock and blues music catalog from his earlier childhood. 

Bands such as Cry of Love, The Black Crowes, and the more modern

Blackberry Smoke, really struck a chord with Justin.
Which then lead him to dive deep into classic outlaw country

music, artist such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, and the more modern Whiskey Myers, all helped form his sound today.

Although always being a huge music lover, Justin was never much of a singer. He did enjoy playing guitar for hours on end

(often ditching school classes to do so).

It wouldn't be until the age of twenty-two-years-old,

with a long overdue passion to pursue music full-time when Justin decided to start his own act.

He began learning to expand his vocal and writing capabilities by writing witty songs for friends and work colleagues, while also covering and posting songs online.

This lead to local bars reaching out

to inquire about him performing on the weekends.

Later at the age of twenty-four, with several hundred public performances under his belt, and after suffering several hand injuries at work, he took it as a clear sign to peruse his music career solely and quit his full-time job of over five years at the local feed store.  

Justin continues to spread his sound and music to this date.

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